How Do I Paint My Own Roof?

Our DIY Roof Cleaning Guide.

How To Paint Your Own Roof?


Many customers would like to know how to paint their own roof. If you’ve got a head for heights and really want to take on this task then read on.

The most important thing when undertaking roof painting is safety and understanding how to be safe on a roof. Falling from heights is the single highest cause of death and serious injury when working. The use of roof ladders, access towers and fall arrest rope kits are vital for roof safety. It’s pointless having a nice looking roof if you’re not around to enjoy it!

Once you are happy with your safety setup then the first thing to do is clean the roof. In the roof painting industry we pressure wash the roof which ensures all plant life, bacteria and algae are removed and the tiles are perfectly clean and ready for a coat of roof paint. A biocide (DDAC or BAC50) is then applied to the roof to kill any remaining plants spores and prevent the algae and moss returning.

Pressure washing a roof can be difficult, dirty and time consuming. It can’t be done with a regular home pressure washer as it will lack the required power and is unlikley to have a long enough pressure hose. We recommend hiring a 2500psi petrol pressure washer with a 20-30m pressure hose and a turbo nozzle. This powerful machine is difficult to control safely on a roof so it’s advised to take many breaks, as muscle fatigue whilst on a roof is not safe.

Choosing the right paint is important as a regular masonary paint will not necessarily have the right attributes to last. Roof paint and coating manufactures create specific formulations of roof paint that are UV resistant, colour fade resistant, waterproof and have a high bonding strenght. There are many manufactures such as Isonit, Kingfisher and Thermalite to choose from with many colour options.

Professional roof painting and coating companies use an airless sprayer to evenly and quickly apply the paint to a roof. It is possble to use brushes and rollers to paint the roof however painting a roof with brushes would be a much longer process requiring patience and determination. Two coats are required for the best finish and for long lasting colours.

If you still want to paint you own roof then I hope this information helps. If you have any questions then please email us and we’ll do our best to help. If you would like us to quote for your roof painting and coating then please complete this contact form and we’ll provide you with a quote as soon as we can.