Commercial Window Cleaning

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Properly cleaned windows can make the world of difference to the presentation of a building’s exterior. Clean and sparkling windows will always reflect positively on a business.

We are specialists in window cleaning with a wealth of experience, knowledge and window cleaning expertise in cleaning both residential and commercial properties. Our window cleaning experience, built up over many years, includes the cleaning of hospitality and leisure facilities, educational facilities, retail properties and industrial property cleaning to name but a few. We work closely with facility and building managers to provide window cleaning that is not only top quality but is also as convenient and unobtrusive to the business or facility as possible.

We are trained in the latest window cleaning techniques and are fully equipped with the latest window cleaning tools and resources. Some of our techniques include:

  • Water fed pole systems – Our pole systems use pure water which has been specially treated to guarantee a beautiful streak free finish. This is an extremely safe and effective method of achieving an excellent window clean. Our poles can reach safely from the ground up to a height of 15 meters avoiding the need for ladders and scaffolding.
  • Traditional method – As well as our pole systems our cleaners are proficient in traditional methods using ladders, squeegees and cloths. This technique is useful for those window cleans that might be a little fiddly and require care and attention such as leaded windows.
  • Working at height – Our IPAF trained staff can address a wide range of access issues including window cleaning jobs that require rope access, or access by cherry picker

As you would expect each property comes with it’s own unique set of challenges and our extensive knowledge means we can work with you to provide the best window cleaning possible.

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