Dear customers,

I hope you’re all staying safe during this unusual time.

When the nationwide shut down was announced there was confusion in the cleaning communities about who can and who should work. We announced immediately that we would be postponing all work until we received further advice.

The government have changed their wording a few times from key workers to essential workers to the most recent advice that if you can work alone, outside, maintaining social distancing then you should work. This was directed at gardeners and window cleaners specifically. This advice has not changed for the last few days. So we have reviewed our Covid-19 working policy and are now asking our customers if you want us to return to work.

We are considering a return from Monday the 30th March for customers who are happy for us to clean their windows. Our window cleaning team will be lone working, they will be wearing gloves, maintaining social distancing, and washing their hands after each job and regularly cleaning the inside of their vehicle. We will knock and call out ‘Window Cleaner’ to announce our arrival, no need to answer the door and then will post our bill through the door and payment can be made through BACS following the usual process.

We will give each customer 48hrs notice, we do not want to put anyone at risk so please advise if you would not like your windows cleaned. We will respect your request as your safety is our main concern

Please let us know if anyone in the house is experiencing symptoms as it is advised that we do not clean at these properties.

Please let me know how you feel about this. An email will follow shortly for customers booked for next week, please advise us ASAP if you would like us to come or not.

Many thanks

Colin Steele
Managing Director


This is the Gov.uk advice work for going to work (See section 4) : https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/full-guidance-on-staying-at-home-and-away-from-others/full-guidance-on-staying-at-home-and-away-from-others

Gov advice for window cleaners (see section 5): https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-52017771