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Professional Roof Cleaning and Exterior Cleaning Serices

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Exterior Cleaning can dramatically improve the apperance of any builidng and can prolong the life of a roof, render, driveway, patio and prevent any further damage.  As a home or business owner your roof makes an important first impression. We understand the impact that presentation has on your home and buildings as well as the role of roof cleaners, Render Cleaning, roof painting, driveway and patio cleaning,  Street Cleaning, Cladding Cleaning and in addition a well maintained building can save money in the long run by avoiding things like:

  • Water damage and damp caused by overflowing gutters
  • Large deposits of moss causing problems with tiles
  • Unsightly and dirty render
  • Dirty cladding and poor presentation to customers
  • Slippery walk ways and decking
  • Serious damage to surfaces from the growth of algae, moss and other organic matter

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Why choose us

Trained Roof cleaning and exterior cleaning staff

Each individual property presents its own set of needs and challenges for our Roof Cleaners. Our knowledge, experience, training and wide range of equipment means we can take a tailored approach to each and every cleaning task. For our customers this means our Exterior Cleaning work is undertaken as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible

100% satisfaction guarantee

Each roof cleaning job can come with its own set of needs and challenges therefore it’s important to hire a company with the expertise to complete the job properly and safely. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our exterior cleaning, cladding cleaning, render cleaning,  and we will return if necessary to honor that promise.

respectful client relationships

We believe in excellent communication with our clients when our roof cleaners and Render Cleaning teams are workng on your roof. We understand the importance of clear communication whilst ensuring that our customers feel listened to. This ethos is incorporated into all our work be it first contact for a free quote, questions and enquiries, providing proposals or service delivery.


Since our conception we have built extensive experience in a range of environments be it commercial, industrial or residential and in providing a range of specialist roof cleaning and Render Cleaning services. We have worked extremely hard to build on that knowledge, researching and sourcing the latest techniques and equipment.

roof cleaning
roof cleaning

What our customers say

Kevin Jones, Roof Cleaning


We used AWC and the team led by Colin to clean our roof, we were very happy with the professional and courteous manner in which the job was complete. Colin provided us with a detailed plan every step of the way and now our roof is clean of moss and the roof looks like new. Thanks again – Kevin Jones

Judy Pain, Roof cleaning and coating


Very happy with their service, Terri booked us in at short notice and Colin came and the team cleaned the roof, gutters and all windows. Very happy with the service. Highly recommended. – Judy Pain

Rose Starkey, Render Cleaning


The AWC Render Cleaning team far exceeded our expectation, the render looked like new when they finished.  There were a few problems with access that they resolved quickly and professionally.

Brian Robins, Cladding Cleaning


The cladding on our retail park was exptremely dirty and becoming a very difficult area to miantain.  We were recommended to use AWC for the cladding cleaning and very hapy with the results and would definently recommend.

Why roof coating and painting?

A freshly painted roof is a clean, neat and attractive roof and can make a world of difference to the appearance and curb appeal of your property. Coating your roof using a roof paint is an excellent way to protect and prolong the life of your roof.

A well constructed but un-painted roof should survive for up to 70 years plus before having to consider repairing or replacing however there are many reasons, not least the punishing UK weather, that a roof can age and quickly become tired and worn. Coating your roof with a roof paint can prolong the life of your roof and instantly improve the appearance of your property.

We use roof coatings and paints that are specially formulated to be sprayed directly on to your roof. We use roof paints that are UV resistant, waterproof and paints are available in a variety of colours that will last for 15+ years.

We understand that every roof we paint will have a unique set of specific requirements. Our knowledge and experience mean that we can properly assess and advise on the best and most appropriate methods for painting your roof. We are able to employ a variety of techniques that tackle all painting and coating needs.

The roof painting process will generally include:

  • A visit to your property free of charge to assess access and any other requirements for the roof coating.
  • Provision of a detailed, personalised, roof coating and painting proposal, including a final quote.
  • In preperation we must start with a roof clean using pressure washing from the ridge tiles downwards to remove all moss, lichen and algae.
  • Making any roof repairs such as pointing or tile repairs.
  • Application of biocide to protect the roof from recolinisation by algae and bacteria.
  • Masking and protecting any areas that will not be coated or painted.
  • Application of two coats of the chosen colour of roof paint using a professional, airless, sprayer

Following the completion of the roof coating we encourage our customers to please get in touch with any questions or problems and we will strive to rectify them as soon as possible.

Roof Painting Quote

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