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Render Cleaning

Is it time to have the render cleaned on your property.

  • Is the building becoming noticeably dirty.
  • Have people visiting you house noticed the strange colour of your walls
  • Are you confused about the colour of your walls and what to do
  • Have you painted the walls and then found that the black, red or green staining returns

If you have noticed any of these problems then it’s probably time for render cleaning. Our team are render cleaning experts and without the use of pressure we can lean the walls and protect them from the algae and bacteria from returning. We use the softwash method for render cleaning, using this method causing no damage to the render on your walls and we can safely and effectively complete the render cleaning.

Safe and Effective Render Cleaning

Protecting your render also has a bigger impact on the condition of your exterior walls, if left to grow then over time this can cause further serious damage. The build up of algae, bacteria and moss on a wall can keep the area damp leading to failing render.

Our render cleaning services have a great reputation for delivering great render cleaning results. We have worked with residential, commercial, industrial, educational and private properties. We will work with you to decide on the best approach to your render cleaning and provide a render cleaning risk and method statement as well as our insurance documents so you can be reassured that the render cleaning is completed by a safe, registered and competent render cleaning company.

The removal of contaminants from the wall require a render cleaning company to be able to safely access all levels and areas of a building. Using a combination of high lever 15m poles and cherry pickers we can clean almost any area. There are many different brands of render and each one may require a different approach to the chemicals being used. Some render cleaning jobs respond well to a sodium hypochlorite clean and others are best with a biocide clean, while other render cleaning jobs require a steam clean to perfectly clean the render.


Contact Us For A Free Render Clean Quote and Impartial Advice

Incorrect render cleaning techniques can cause damage to the rendered walls, if a pressure washer is used the render cleaning can strip the render from the walls causing costly damage. In the winter if water is forced into the walls during the pressure washing render cleaning then if the water feeezes it can cause the render to crack. Pressure washing when render cleaning often does not remove the cause of the problem and the algae and bacteria can return quickly without using a chemical to remove all algae or bacteria spores.

  • Profession render cleaning can remove uslightly green algae, black and red bacteria from the render.
  • Render cleaning as a restoration can return the render to as new condition.
  • Render cleaning can remove pollutants on the render.
  • Quality Render cleaning will prevent further damage to the render and prevent damp becoming a problem on the render.

The products we use when render cleaning are safe and effecive, we use biodegradable biocides that break down naturally killing the algae and bacteria but leaving to dangerous chemicals once broken down. The Sodium Hypochlorite we use is applied directly and and overspray or drift is managed safely. We can use steam cleaners when render cleaning, this is low pressure compared to generic pressure washing and provide a safe penetrating clean without causing damage when render cleaning.

Usually render will look worse and have patches of algae, or black bacteria on the side of a building that gets less light. Mainly the north and east sides of any rendered building will start to grow algae or bacteria. We have also noticed that buildings that are close to water also increase the chances of algae and bacteria growing on the render due to to the higher humidity and the closeness to trees and other greenery.

Unfortunately many people believe that painting the render will remove the unsightly growths, but the is a complete waste of time and money if the wall hasn’t been cleaned first with professional render cleaning. If you paint over the bacteria and algae then it will continue to grow behind the paint and eventually show through the paint or the paint will just fall from the rendered wall.

AWC is fully insured to work all over the UK in providing render cleaning in England, Wales and Scotland.

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