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Roof Cleaning

roof cleaning

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Roof Cleaning

We off expert Roof Cleaning services.  The climate in the United Kingdom lends itself to encouraging the growth of moss, fungi, algae and lichens all of which can thrive on roofs. Roofs can also collect dirt and become stained from other air bound pollutants particularly when close to busy roads.

Roof cleaning can make a world of difference to the appearance of your property. When properly cleaned and maintained the roof of your property can be restored to a near new finish, tiles can be restored to their original colour, giving your building a new lease of life.

 As well as improving the aesthetics of your building, roof cleaning is an excellent preventative measure which can improve the longevity of tiles and avoid costly repairs to roofs, gutters and render caused by excessive moisture and extra strain and weight put on roof materials due to moss and other debris.

 We understand that every roof  we clean will have different requirements and are able to employ a variety of techniques that tackle all cleaning needs. We have an article here on how we clean moss from a roof.


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Below are some examples of our roof cleaning cost in the London, Home Counties, South and Midlands areas.  These are estimates and prices depend on access, amount of moss and type of tile. 

Roof Cleaning Costs

est. £500-800

1-3 bedroom small house

(terrace or semi detached)

Roof Cleaning Costs

est. £750-1200

2-4 bedroom large house

(terrace or semi detached)

Roof Cleaning Costs

est. £1000-1500

3-4 bedroom small detached house

Roof Cleaning Costs

est. £1500+

3-4 Bedroom large detached house

Roof Cleaning Costs

est. £2000+

4+ Bedroom Extra large house

Roof Cleaning Costs

est. £1000

Commercial properties vary in cost with size and access.

Having contacted us to discuss your roof cleaning needs we will be able to prepare a quote for you instantly by viewing the property online or requesting photos. 

  • We will then provide you with a detailed, personalised roof cleaning proposal including a final quote
  • Our team of cleaners will undertake the roof cleaning using the methods detailed in your personalised proposal.
  • Following the clean all debris and rubbish will be removed, and our team will check that you are happy with the roof clean that has been undertaken.
  • Following the clean we encourage our customers to get in touch if there are any issues at all. We are happy to return as soon as possible to rectify any problems or undertake any necessary repairs.

Softwashing roof clean approach is a safe and gentle cleaning method involving the manual scraping and low pressure steam cleaning of moss etc using specially mixed chemicals and a biocidal treatment which prevents the re-growth of moss, lichen and other pollutants which can protect your roof for anywhere between 5 – 10 years (depending on environmental factors etc)

We use a combination of roof ladders, cherry pickers, portable access tower and rope harness kits.  This enables us to safly accsess the roof and use the steamm cleaner, scrape the moss and apply chemicals. 

Our knowledge and experience mean that we can properly assess and advise on the best and most appropriate methods for your roof cleaning.


Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your cleaning requirements one of our team of cleaners will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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