What is Softwash Cleaning

For many building exterior cleaning tasks such as render cleaning and certain roof cleaning work, cleaning using highly pressurised water as with a pressure washer, is not advisable because of the potential damage it can cause to render, tiles and other surfaces.

Softwashing is a gentler, more effective approach which uses different blends of eco-friendly softwash products that we expertly tailor to the needs of the surface that requires cleaning. Softwashing not only provides an effective clean without causing damage to building surfaces, it also deals with the root of the problem which can usually be traced to the growth of organic matter and pollutants such as fungus, algae and moss.

Softwashing provides excellent protection to buildings and using the correct softwash products can prevent the re-growth of surface pollutants for up to 5 years, this cost effective, preventative measure can save time and money in the long run.

softwash cleaning

Softwash cleaning a roof – Our operators spray a biocide chemical onto a roof to kill all the organic biofilm.