Roof Cleaning Videos

Cleaning Project Videos

Cleaning videos from various cleaning projects, including roof cleaning. These videos demonstrate our various roof cleaning and other cleaning services on residential and commercial premises. We generally employ softwash roof cleaning methods, which are gentle on the roof tiles by scraping moss off the roof and then applying a chemical that kills the remaining plant spores and washes away the bacteria and algae. To learn more about softwash roof cleaning, click here. We will pressure wash a roof on occasion if a client requests it or if a roof is to be painted; pressure washing a roof is completely safe on your roof if done correctly; pressure washing a roof must always be done from the top down.

Our high level window cleaning and gutter cleaning we are able to clean up to 35 metres and use industrial gutter vacs and reach and wash pure water window cleaning methods.

Please watch the videos to help you choose the best service for you.  Contact us to discuss your cleaning needs.